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What Is Thermography?

Also know as Digital Infrared Imaging (DITI), Thermography is an FDA approved, non-invasive, radiation free imaging technology that can visualize and document temperature variations emitted from the external body surfaces and therefore “see” the body’s own physiology. Due to heat conduction, changes in blood flow or circulation can cause temperature changes that can be visualized.  Many diseases and health problems produce specific heat patterns which can only be seen with infrared imaging. X-Rays, mammography, ultrasound, and MRIs are all tests that only provide information on the structures found within the body. To see changes in the functioning of these structures requires thermography. 

While the entire body can be imaged, the most popular application for infrared imaging is in assessing a patient’s risk of breast cancer.  Since we know that breast cancer tumors start to cause increases in blood flow even when they are imperceptible to anatomic-based imaging, thermography has proven to be able to identify increasing breast cancer risk much earlier.  Knowledge of increasing risk can save lives because it provides women with precious time to be treated appropriately. 

For more information on our Infrared Imaging equipment visit SpectronIR's website

For more information on Medical Thermography in general, please visit the International Academy of Clinical Thermography's (IACT) site


Thermography Price List

Breast Thermogram - $185

-Series of images to determine your relative breast cancer risk.

Complete Body With Breast - $425

​-Includes all body regions and the breast.

Whole Body Without Breast - $285

​-Complete body including every regions except breast.

Upper Body Thermogram - $185

​-Includes head, neck, back, and arms only. NO breast images with be taken.

Lower Body Thermogram - $185

​-Includes back, abdomen, pelvis, buttocks, legs, and feet only. Breast images NOT included.

Maxillofacial Thermogram - $95

​-Useful in detection of disorders involving the head, neck, TMJ, eyes, ears, teeth, etc.

Rehabilitation Thermogram - $55 (only for current physical therapy clients,  partial region, not read by a clinical thermologist, no report or images provided)

​-Useful in detection of disorders involving the head, neck, TMJ, eyes, ears, teeth, etc.

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