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What is Activecare doing to protect our patients?

Internal Safety Measures

Activecare has implemented several new policies and procedures to protect our patients during this pandemic, outlined below. 

1) All staff and patients will have their temperatures taken via a no contact thermal wand upon entering the clinic. Anyone with an elevated temperature will be instructed to leave and follow self-quarantine measures as outlined by the CDC until they can be tested.

2) All patients will fill out a questionnaire to evaluate their virus exposure risk before receiving treatment. All staff have been evaluated for their virus exposure risk and cleared.

3) Handwashing and sanitizing stations have been made available for patient use. All patients will be asked to wash hands before and after treatment and immediately following sneezing, coughing, or other droplet contamination exposure.

4) All staff are required to wash hands before and after patient contact or contact with equipment that has been used by a patient or staff member. 

5) All equipment, treatment tables, chairs, or other items that are used during a treatment session will be sanitized immediately following use and before being used by another staff or patient.

6) All caregivers and family members will no longer be permitted to remain in the clinic or the waiting room during the patient appointment. (exceptions may be made based upon circumstance, in that case the caregiver/family member must follow all clinic precautions as outlined by staff).

7) All patients will be kept a minimum of 6 feet from other patients during their treatment. Treatment may be confined to a private treatment room for more vulnerable patients. 

8) All staff have been required to undergo additional training regarding coronavirus contamination risks and prevention, standard precautions for all airborne diseases and coronavirus safety precautions as outlined by the CDC.

9) Our clinic is operating an advanced Sanuvox R Max air filtration system that utilizes UV light to destroy airborne bio-chemical contaminants. 

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